Caledon is under pressure and strong, proven leadership that is committed to maintaining and delivering on Caledon’s unique vision is needed now more than ever.

Over the past four years, I have stood strong for Caledon and I will continue to do so.

Putting Caledon First!

Caledon is an incredible place with brilliant landscapes, unique villages and hamlets, a proud history and a bright future. The best thing about Caledon are the residents and businesses who care and contribute.

You have demonstrated that commitment to your community which is why I will continue to listen, understand and act in the best interests of ALL of YOU!

  • Strong, proven leader with a vision
  • Collaborative & results driven
  • Builds solid relationships
  • Innovative and fiscally responsible
  • Connected and respected
  • Driven by Caledon’s interests

Our Priorities

When you elected me Mayor in 2014 our community told us what was important to you. This is exactly why I proudly represent our vision which drives our plan for the future pathway of Caledon. We’ve listened and worked hard and over 80 per cent of the Council priorities are either completed or in progress.

On October 22nd, I am asking for your vote to continue the good work we’ve done in creating a connected, sustainable and affordable “community of communities” and to continue to stand up for Caledon.


In a connected world, Caledon residents need affordable high-speed Internet everywhere. We’re on the right track and it’s speeding up. We will continue to advance this important cause at all levels of government to see that it is delivered to you.

Leadership & Collaboration

Allan Thompson has provided leadership for Caledon in the corridors that make a difference. His ability to work effectively with ALL levels of government has elevated the understanding of the unique challenges Caledon faces, and earned the respect necessary to best protect the interests of ALL residents.

Affordable Housing & Managed Growth

Made in Caledon solutions are needed that maintain and enhance the distinct and unique characteristics of Caledon’s community of communities, ones that create opportunities for residents and future residents to live, work and retire in Caledon. These options must be affordable and accessible to seniors and first-time home buyers.

Fiscal Responsibility

Balancing our spending priorities against fiscal prudence requires leadership. We will work to build on the proven successes in transparency and accountability that assures your tax dollars are well managed while continuing to balance our tax base enabling appropriate investments in our community.

Public Works, Transit and Infrastructure

We will continue to evolve and implement our plan. One that enhances the long-term viability of our public works infrastructure through prudence and stewardship of these public assets, and by engaging and partnering with other levels of government to maximize resources and ensure public safety.

People, Places and Possibilities

The core of Allan Thompson’s Re-election Campaign

Advance Polls


Saturday, October 6 – 10 am to 3 pm | Saturday, October 13 – 10 am to 3 pm | Thursday, October 18 – 12 pm to 8 pm | Friday, October 19 – 12 pm to 8 pm
Ward 1

Caledon Central Public School
18357 Kennedy Road, Caledon

Ward 2

Margaret Dunn Library
20 Snelcrest Drive, Caledon

Ward 3-4

Caledon East Community Complex
6215 Old Church Road, Caledon East

Ward 5

Albion Bolton Union Community Centre
150 Queen Street South, Bolton

Thompson, Allan – Mayor
RE-ELECT on Monday, October 22


2018 Municipal Election