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Imagine Caledon–Embracing Amazon & new opportunities for our Caledon businesses

CALEDON (August 7, 2018)

“Amazon coming to Caledon is exciting news, says Allan Thompson, Mayor of the Town of Caledon.

And he sees it as a new opportunity for our existing Caledon business community.

Retail opportunities are changing and Thompson believes both municipalities and businesses that remain innovative and adaptive create the best environment to flourish. He says he has heard the concerns but he also knows our Caledon business people are resourceful.

“In Caledon we have business leaders that make us proud every day. And so today, I’m very excited to introduce ‘Imagine Caledon’, an umbrella concept that can support both local businesses and residents in Caledon.

‘Imagine Caledon’ both welcomes our newest corporate citizens, such as Amazon and Canadian Tire, while showcasing our smaller, local businesses in our community–a win-win. “This concept has the ability to recognize our valued corporate partners that already make Caledon proud with their long-standing community support and philanthropy,” says Thompson.

A strong, industrial tax base is important to the long-term economic stability of a community so the taxes remain affordable for homeowners, and Thompson says the new Amazon opportunity creates 800 additional before/after work and lunchtime shoppers who through this concept will be encouraged to support local businesses through innovative partnership strategies.

“We need all our community businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and this concept will help drive the connectivity between our existing business community and the newer flagship organizations. We have fabulous places to eat, and many service-based businesses that could benefit from the type of demand these new jobs will create. So let’s help make that happen by bringing them together,” he says.

Thompson knows businesses will have questions about this concept roll out, and he wants to assure them this is a first step only. “This is just the spark plug. I know there will be both businesses and residents in our community that will have some good ideas to bundle with this and so during this fall’s campaign I want to hear about those–because I know that together, we can make this happen,” he says.

#ImagineCaledon is a hashtag used by the Mayor since he launched his Mayoral re-election bid in May. Thompson says ‘Imagine Caledon’ is about visioning and forward, outside-of-the-box thinking and this current concept is just the first rollout under that umbrella. “Being the Mayor is about leadership. And it’s about finding solutions. For the businesses who have great untapped potential, this can be part of the solution. I’m about solutions so that all of Caledon–including Bolton businesses–thrive,” he says. Thompson is encouraging local businesses who want to learn more about the ‘Imagine Caledon’ partnership program as it develops to connect with him at


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