Q: I’m an independent childcare provider. Myself and other local providers want to know your thoughts on independent private care, and if elected, would you bring a Caledon Childcare/Daycare registry?

Childcare falls under Regional jurisdiction and as a Member of Regional Council I think a registry of qualified, licensed providers would be a useful resource for parents. Also, you may be interested to know that the Region of Peel is currently developing a plan to provide subsidies to eligible families who have their children in licensed private child care centres and homecare.


Q: Why are you running for Caledon’s council?

In 2015 I began my first term as Mayor by honouring a commitment I made during the election—to better engage and communicate with residents. We held our first Coffee with Council session that spring and we asked residents to share their priorities with us. Out of that we developed the Council Work Plan. This became our to-do list, with progress and status updated annually. I’m proud of what has been accomplished so far; however we’re not done yet. I’m running for re-election to complete the work we started four years ago because it’s what our residents asked for and what our communities deserve.


Q. Can you define and discuss civil service, and what it means to you?

Civil service is defined as the framework for a just and fair government; but for me it’s more about people working together, supporting each other and creating healthy, sustainable communities.


Q. Speaking to your understanding of local government, do you have any personal critiques of the system, and is there anything you would work to change once in office?

Continuous improvement should be the cornerstone of all organizations. One area of improvement I have strongly advocated the Province on is greater local planning authority because I believe that Caledon should plan Caledon.


Q: If elected to Caledon’s offices, what do you believe needs to be championed in Caledon right away? (Please limit yourself to three points)

The three issues I will continue to focus on and champion are:

  • Funding for critical infrastructure like fibre and transit options, roads and bridges;
  • Attracting good paying, reliable jobs and enabling and supporting small business; and
  • Affordable housing for seniors and young families


Q: What are your long term goals in serving Caledon?

I imagine Caledon as an innovative, inclusive and vibrant community of communities and my long term goal is create opportunities that move us toward that vision.


Q: What have you heard the most during your campaign?

That Caledon is a great place to live. That seniors want to stay in Caledon and need improved access to seniors housing. I’m excited there are currently three senior housing buildings under construction in Caledon right now, but we need to include other types of senior housing models. Young people are looking for opportunities to live, work and play in the communities they grew up in. And access to affordable, reliable broadband remains a big issue.


Q: What, of what you’ve heard, has changed your goals during your campaign?

What I’ve heard has told me that we’re on the right track and people are looking to Council to push forward with these initiatives. But with a growing aging population, we need to include not only other types of senior housing models, but improved access to seniors transit and recreation to ensure some of our hardest-working Caledon volunteers can age in place.


Q: How would you define yourself as a representative?
If you ask staff at the Town or at the Province they would say I’m incredibly persistent. I see myself as a collaborator, I know the power of working together and how sharing different ideas and perspectives is a great way to look at issues from every angle.