On May 1, 2018 registration for the upcoming October 22, 2018 Municipal Election opened. It was important to me to be the first Caledon candidate to register for our local representation to confirm to you how fully committed I remain to serving this wonderful community of ours.

And then, I walked right back into my office and continued working to make a positive difference.

Back to work for you.

With the Municipal election opening coinciding with the final weeks leading up to the Provincial election, we intentionally refrained from active canvassing and campaigning out of respect for the electoral process and the important provincial impact for us in here in Dufferin-Caledon.

This allowed the focus of the voters to be where it needed to be–on those candidates and the priorities of the Provincial election.

Although we had planned on making a formal launch immediately following the Provincial election, life had a plan of it’s own.

My Mother’s health continued to decline, and it is with a very sad heart that I share the news of her passing within days of provincial voting. But she voted. That’s how important she viewed the responsibility. I know where I get it from.

Focusing steadfastly on my family and my duties as Mayor, the time for a celebratory campaign launch was not right.

A new month is fast upon us and with the strength of the immense support we are now ready to launch. Stronger than ever with the resolve to keep Caledon the very special place it is for so many reasons.

Caledon is under pressure and strong, proven leadership that is committed to maintaining and delivering on Caledon’s vision for our future is needed now more than ever.

I have proven time and time again over the past four years I have what it takes to stand strong for Caledon.

To stand strong for you.

I hope I can count on you to support me again.